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Who we are

The woof pack here at Fetched are a bunch of guys doing our bit to change the way we feed our pets. We endeavour to create both a unique and healthy experience for our pawparent friends and their furbabies.

The way the pet food industry is going we knew something had to change. The quality of pet food is getting cheaper and cheaper causing massive health issues in our pooches. We saw a gap in the market that was urging to be filled: high-quality premium dog kibble on a subscription base, meaning you will never run out of food again! How often has that happened? Scratching around the bottom of the bag, trying to scoop up every last bit of powdery nothingness, just to try and half fill their poor growling bellies. Oh, and don’t forget you need to go get another bag before the next feed.

Ok so yes we admit, there are some premium dog foods out there – we won’t deny that there are others having a go at fixing this issue as well and that’s great, cheers to all out there giving our pets a better life. Generally with dog kibble as soon as the bag is opened, air is introduced and the kibble deteriorates over time due to the oxidation process, which contaminates the food causing it to loose freshness and break down. But at Fetched there is one massive difference…

Enter the Pawpack…

So with this in mind the Fetched team saw an even greater need in the market and the Pawpack was born!

The Fetched Pawpacks daily food packs allows you to provide your dog with the freshest food every day. This proves to be a great substitute for the big bags that lose the freshness of the food, in most cases, long before you even finish the bag. Another important plus is the obesity prevention case. You are feeding your pooch the perfect amount… No more guess work, oh and did we mention… no more smelly dog food odour in the laundry!

Naturally. Convenient.

Speaking of convenient…!

Isn’t this what the world is all about these days? Convenience? Life is so busy the time we spend with our furry little friends is so precious and at Fetched we want you to indulge in these times without any extra worry about when to buy the next lot of food or even how much food is the correct amount so they aren’t over or under fed.

So we make sure your box of Pawpacks turn up to your door on time every time so you never run out of food again!

We want you to be the best pawparent ever!

So yeah, that’s us in a nutshell (or dog bowl, should we say) we are a furbaby centric team of individuals working towards the one goal….

A healthier, happy and more convenient lifestyle for both pawparents and their pooches.