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5 Things To Sniff Out When Buying Kibble

Looking for the best food for your best friend? Here’s what you should consider.

Choosing the pawfect petfood can be confusing. What was once a question of ‘wet vs dry’ has now turned into an overwhelming mission.  

Fancy packaging and advertising buzzwords can pull the fur over your eyes – and that’s before you get the opinion of every man and his dog.


My Dog Gets Bored With Their Food

My Pooch is bouncing around my legs as you lean in and scoop a nice big cup full of it’s favourite kibble and fill up the bowl - but then I notice breakfast isn't even finished yet and it's dinner time. “Strange one thinks” but thinking no more about it, I top up the bowl. It's then I notice that instead of the head dropping into the bowl, slurping and crunching, there's just a lot of curious sniffing going on around the rim, then just a look up at me, tail dropped and those eyes! Almost pleading with me. I can’t understand what's happening - “oh well this bag of kibble is nearly done, probably bored of it now - i’ll try a different brand next time”

Dear Human....

I just wanted to really say how much it means to have you as part of my life, you are truly my rock. Like, if it wasn’t for you and the way you have bought me up I would probably be that dog that just looks at the postie and just stand at the door and says nothing as they go by. But no, thanks to your consistent training, I’m the dog that races out the door at the first glint of that white helmet, and straight to the gate with my “thats-the-postie” tone of yap.

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