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The PawPack

We are out to make sure our dogs are fed properly and not just by the food quality but the pawtions of their food. Hence the PawPack – the goldilocks amount, not too much or not too little, just right.

As well as the perfect pawtions, The PawPacks are the most convenient and freshest way to feed our dogs, no bulky bags to lug around and smell out the laundry. Just open a pack as required and pour into the bowl and dispose of the 100% recyclable little pack

Have you ever considered how unhealthy a big open bag of dog food really is for your dog? Well its just not the ideal situation really, not only a lot of the time the ingredients just don’t cut the mustard, all full of fillers and grains and stuff that ends up playing havoc with your poor little buddies health, but from the time you open that big bag in pops a gush of air (oxygen) and away goes the freshness of the food and if its not sealed properly it just keeps seeping in causing the food to undergo an oxidisation process that saps away the goodness and quality of the food sometimes causing it to break down and just end up a crumbled mess in the bottom of the bag with very little goodness left whatsoever…. You ever noticed your dog not as enthused in their food when the bags nearly finished? Well is the any reason to wonder why??!!

So you know those little breath holes you sometimes find in the side of big bags of dog kibble? These aren’t there for any health benefit, they are in those bags so that they stack better when shipping them on a pallet! At the expense of our pets health, these are there for shipping purposes only – when we realised this we were appalled by this fact– bet you are as well now!

You love the Fetched concept but not keen on the amount of packaging, yes we understand your feelings – we are super conscious of the environment as well and keen to do our part to reduce the carbon footprint. That’s exactly why we put so much thought and homework into the material of the packaging. We use 100% recyclable human grade packaging, made from only the best eco-friendly materials that was literally developed specially for The PawPacks.

Well that’s a bit about the freshness of the Fetched PawPack, but how about the convenience side of these little packs of goodness. Just think about this, you’re going away (finally that well-earned break) and leaving the dog in someone else’s care? Don’t worry anymore about coming back to find your little buddy morbidly obese from too much tucker – you just leave the exact amount of PawPacks that they need

Taking your buddy with you? (they are part of the family after all) well no more transferring kibble from one big bag to another smaller bag, box, ice cream container or whatever the heck you try and do now…. Just neatly pack the amount of PawPacks your pooch requires … and happy days!

The Fetched PawPacks. Naturally. Convenient