Dog food for every breed that makes a difference

Quit calorie-counting and portion control... forever. Fetched is simply nutritious, delicious kibble in 100% recyclable, pre-pawtioned packs - delivered.

    Every PawPack contains:

  • ✅ Human grade ingredients
  • ✅ Protein sourced from Aussie farmers
  • ✅ Superfoods, bursting with vitamins
  • ✅ 100% recyclable materials, and more...
Human grade, Aussie ingredients

Good enough for them? Google enough for you! Fetched dog food is protein packed, grain free kibble, stacked with superfoods, using only ingredients sourced by Aussie farmers.

A tailored meal plan, on subscription

Every dog is different - their food plan should be too. Quit calorie-counting and portion control and craft a cuisine to suit your canine, right down to the very last bite.

Delivered to your door, free

While their tails are waggin’, you can take a break. No more lugging back- breaking big bags, or running out of kibble. We do the heavy lifting and make sure you never run out of kibble again.

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The Fetched Concept

  • The Fetched concept it simple; we're here to help your best friend live their best life - and get their best from every meal
  • Practically paw-fect in every way, our subscription dog food is fresher, healthier and tastier. Fetched is good for their tummies and good for the planet.
  • Our goal is to prick up the ears of the global pet food industry. King-size kibble makes us sick as a... well, exactly! Un-recyclable (and un-palatable), these big bags are bad business - and we've got dogged determination to make a difference.
  • As the first pre-portioned, 100% recyclable dog food subscription in Australia, our vision is to eliminate 10kg+ dog food bags from shops around the world by 2030.

Enter the PawPack

Your best friend’s new best friend 🐶

With our 100% recyclable, daily paw-tioned pet food delivered, your pup can: 

  • ✅ Lap up top-of-the line ingredients
  • ✅ Go grain free
  • ✅ Enjoy real Roo & Lamb
  • ✅ Keep it fresh, sealed and never stale
  • ✅ Say bye-bye to big bags

Our PawPacks are made from 100% recyclable
biodegradable materials.
Single use plastic? See ya later.

Give your pooch the diet they deserve.
Get fresh, natural, healthy and delicious food
with Fetched.

Human Grade Ingredients

Good enough for you? Good enough for them! Fetched dog food is healthy and high quality, using ingredients sourced by Aussie farmers.

Powered up with protein

Balance their protein with ease. Fetched dog food is high in protein, packed with the finest quality, 100% Australian-sourced meat.

No grain , no pain

All fresh, no filler. Fetched is boutique dog food, Australian made and artificial additive free. That means no grains, and no other cheap fillers

Stocked with superfoods

Every dog can have his day. All Fetched dog food pouches include powerful superfoods, bursting with vitamins and minerals

We collaborate with charities for a good cause.

good cause
good cause
Our values at a glance?
Freshness Convenience Health Sustainability
It’s that simple.

Eat Fresh Every Time.

Get honest goodness, guaranteed with the PawPack. Keen for cleverly convenient, high-quality cuisine? Fetched promises ‘Day 1 Freshness’ in every pack. Flawlessly sealed-in and sent out - it’s the freshest dry dog food on the market. Fur real. Our teams have been working on a case that’s close to our heart - and we’ve been sniffing out the evidence for a long time…


We searched high. We searched low. But fresh, healthy, delicious dry dog food was nowhere to be found… Until Fetched. Here’s what we know: The unregulated pet food industry is in shambles! Multi-national corporations – the big dogs of the business – are dog-walking the industry into disaster. Big brands sell big bags of kibble, with smaller brands forced to follow. The result? 30kg bags of sub-standard dog food are filling the stores. Packed full of unhealthy fillers and misleading packaging information, there’s no consideration for the freshness of the product – or the impact on our puppers. The true crime of it all? Our pooches are eating stale food. It’s time to bring FRESH back to our furry friends. While big pet food brands move big volume in conventional, inconvenient ways. Here at Fetched, we’re all about moving big QUALITY in an unconventional, oh-so-convenient way! We’re changing the way we feed our best friends, one PawPack at a time. Don’t believe us? Investigate for yourself Try Fetched, and if your dog doesn’t like it, we’ll refund your box.

Why throw your back out for
poor-quality kibble?

Schlepping to the shops for sub-standard kibble is SO yesterday. Those un-healthy, all-filler, 20KG doggy bags are a back-injury waiting to happen. Save your time, save your spine – get Fetched. With Fetched, not only do we calculate the EXACT feeding quantity and frequency for your pooch, we deliver it to your door. All you need to do is SIT. Stay… and wait for your delivery to arrive (usually right when you’re about to run out of PawPacks).

With Fetched, you can:

✅ FORGET the fear of finding your cupboards bare.

✅ FORGET bulking up muscles just to carry bags of kibble.

✅ FORGET wasting time hustling to get your haul of food.

In fact, you can FORGET all about your dog food - our auto-pilot delivery will make sure you have it on time, every time!
Say goodbye to big pet food and big-bag madness. Free your time, energy and brain-space for the things that matter: your best friend. Sound too good to be true? Try it fur real. Sample Fetched, and if your dog doesn’t like it, we’ll refund your box.

Healthy pups are our priority

It’s time for all dogs to eat well – and live well!
You are what you eat, right? Well… what’s your dog eating right now?
Look at the bag. Check the label. What you find might surprise you!
Can you understand the ingredients list? How much of it is real food, no filler?
When we found out what our dogs were nomming, we were NOT happy.
So, we’re biting back at big pet-food companies – and make good choices for our goodest dogs.
The science says it all.
Studies show that a better diet, healthier weight and active lifestyle can help a dog live up to 2.5 years longer.
Who wouldn’t want that extra time with your best mate?
Healthy dogs need healthy food.
If you’re ready to reach those health goals, try buying premium kibble.
Free of the ‘big pet-food’ nasties, high-quality kibble is fundamental to increased health (and decreased vet visits).
Next, make sure your food is fresh. Premium ingredients are a start, but it’s ultimate freshness that makes the difference.
With big bags of kibble, you run the risk of oxidization – where the food can get contaminated and spread disease.
To keep our ingredients as fresh as possible, we created the PawPack. Encasing a cracker recipe to suit pups of all ages, these 100% recyclable bags seal-in the good – keeping the bad at bay.

We’re an Aussie-made ,
Aussie-owned business.


Did you know that we’re a local family business from the bush? 

All of our ingredients are sourced from Aussie farmers. By buying local, we’re not only supporting our farmers, but also ensuring the ingredients that end up in your pooch’s bowl are of the highest available quality.

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Your doggo is the goodest
Their food should be too.

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