Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)
Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)
Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)
Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)
Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)
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Fetched Box Supply (30 Days)


Based on your dog's gender, weight, activity level and age, our animal nutritionist recommends one box of 46 PawPacks every 30 days - ($2.96/day).

Why Fetched?
  • Health benefits - shinier coat, improved immunity, probiotics for digestion, protein for strength and vitality
  • Premium, healthy recipe - grain-free, non-GMO
  • Innovative PawPacks - seals in freshness
  • Convenient subscription with free delivery*
  • 100% money back guarantee*
  • Refer a friend, receive a complimentary box of PawPacks
  • Australian made and owned - Supporting Australian jobs
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • -$-79.00
  • Regular price $79.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Great products.

    Great product my mutt loves it. You guys shipped the next day great service. Your courier however leaves a bit to be desired I understand you have no control over this but I had to purchase a bag of food from my local supermarket to get us by it took over a week to get here.

    Hey Dave, thanks for leaving the review and sorry about the delayed shipping.. yes unfortunately it is out of our control but will endeavor to make sure you won't run out, before your next box turns up, again!

    Love the packaging, great for travel!

    Fetched food for dogs does make the planning for their stay at kennels easy for me and easy for the people managing it as they can feed my dogs with the easy recyclable packets and then I don’t have to take any excess food home with me when I pick them up. Too easy.

    Amorette - so true! the PawPacks do sure make holidays too easy, whether you leave your pup at a kennel or take them with you!

    Awesome customer service

    One of my boxes just didn’t show up. The one before that got delivered to the wrong house and went back to the depot. When I contacted Fetched about the no-show box they were honest and clear about what the problem was and immediately offered a solution. A big part of why I get my dog this food from Fetched is the convenience. The missing box could have been a huge inconvenient, expensive headache for me but the problem was fixed straight away! Amazing!! 🤩

    Hey Jessica-Marie! Thanks so much for this kind review. I'm glad our team could turn what could have been a negative experience for you into a positive one! And for you to acknowledge it like this is super cool... So thanks heaps

    Fussy dog

    The food is probably good but I don't know because my dog is just very, very fussy.
    I'm giving it to a friend for her dogs.

    Hey Jessica, its a shame Judy wasn't a fan But these things happen!
    Glad your putting the PawPacks to good use by sharing them with friends.. thats very kind of you!
    I have just issued the refund now for you, you should see the money come into your account in the next couple of days.
    The Fetched Team

    Good product, Greater customer service

    After being contacted by one of the Co-Owners and having the delivery situation explained, I can say that I greatly appreciate the transparency.

    Whisper loves the food itself, it's a good size so she won't just swallow it whole but easy enough to chew which is a positive for her teeth. Quantity and quality for what you pay is decent given that everything is portioned separately to stop the food from going stale but I see the value here in the experience I had while talking with Carl and the investment that have in ensuring their customers have great experiences with every part and process of their product.

    Hey Rhyce,

    Thanks for the great review. Its awesome to hear Whisper loves her food and you enjoy the convenience behind the concept.

    The Fetched Team