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Based on your answers about ,
the Fetched Vet is recommending...

1 Box Every 46 Days $79

  • 6.9kg of Premium Kibble
  • 100% Australian Ingredients
  • Fresh 150gm PawPacks (46 Per Box)
  • 100% Aussie made and owned

Does eat a mix of wet & dry?

We understand that not all dogs diets are 100% kibble.
Adjust the slider based on how much your kibble your Dog eats compared to other food on average, to update your box frequency.

Perfect Timing
Automated Payment
Cancel or Pause Anytime
Not Like? Money Back

The Recipe

Daily amount:
436g Per Day
will be eating

Fetched Roo & Lamb kibble protein is made up of 60% from meats, including kangaroo & lamb and a poultry mix - lean, mean protien helping maintain strong active mucles!
 Sunflower, flaxseed, fish & emu oils provide the very imporant omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, that keep your pups coat healthy and shiny.

You long for a good immune system and firm stools? This is why we include such a great range of natural antioxidants and sources of prebiotic fibres

  • 6.9 kg
  • Adaptive feeding to suit your pooch
  • 60% protein from meat

What Are PawPacks?

PawPacks are the freshest and most convenient way to feed our dogs. They are Australias first ever pawtioned kibble - Say goodbye to bulky bags that smell out the laundry and go stale in the first week. Just open a PawPack as required, pour into the bowl and dispose of the 100% recyclable little bag.

  • Fresh every feed
  • No oxidisation
  • No mould or odour
  • Pawtion controlled feeding

Why Fetched?

From Aussie Farmers to your Modern Dog
Formulated by our Animal Nutitrionist
Fresh Aussie Iingredients
No Nasty Stuff

Have questions? Let's go to them!

Why The PawPacks?

Refer to "The PawPack" page here to get to know how this all came about.

How often does my box get delivered?

Each box contains 46 PawPacks with a pawtioned out meal plan for your individual dogs requirements. So a big dog will get a box more frequently than a small dog. We auto ship to make sure the next box lands at your door just before the last one runs out.

How often does payment occur?

Payments are set up to go out just before your next box gets sent. You will get an email 3 days before the payment comes out of your account so you are aware of the payment happening and know that your next box will be on the way shortly.

Does my next box just turn up automatically?

Yes your next box just turns up, when you’re getting down to your last few PawPacks you can expect a knock on the door from a smiling courier very soon! – we will let you know via email a few days before your box is shipped just to keep you in the loop.

What if I’m out of PawPacks before the next box arrives?

Ha – someone may be getting a bit more tucker than they need 😉, but we all are guilty of giving that “little bit more” and fair enough if your pup is being a bit more active, got to keep them fed! We also know it's hard to stop spruiking about how naturally convenient Fetched is and you end up giving away a couple of PawPacks to your friends and all of a sudden you don’t have enough. Just jump on to your account and send us a message and we’ll get you a box sent straight away (if this happens on a weekend or public holiday just remember it will be sent the next business day).

How do I cancel, pause or skip my subscription?

Within our dashboard there is a section named Manage My Subscription and you will have the ability to cancel, pause or skip your Fetched box.

Can I add another dog?

To add another dog, you simply walk through the same process on our homepage and complete all of the details for your additional dog. 

My dog is a fussy eater what if he wont like it or react to it?

We have worked hard with our nutritionist to develop an extremely well balanced, nutritional, ethically sourced product, but we understand that it may not work for all dogs. At the end of the day they are just like us humans, we all have our differences. So if there is something that doesn’t work for your pooches diet we would love to hear from you as this helps us with product development in the future, and we are always working to improve our recipe and create new varieties. Check our ingredients page out here.

With multiple dogs what happens with feeding plans?

Every pooch is different, so we set up each dog with their own feeding plan and send them each their own box of PawPacks (makes them feel extra special this way as well♥) with their own delivery schedule (we do combine shipments where possible).

When will my order be shipped?

First order – we get this one happening straight away for you, the day we receive your order if it is placed before midday it will be sent out that day. If it is after midday it will have to wait till the next… the courier driver doesn’t seem to stop even with the warehouse dog chasing him up the road sometimes.

Recurring orders – our system automatically notifies us when you need another box, you will then receive an email with a notification 3 days before a scheduled order so that you've got time to check your PawPacks, do a quick count and make sure you have enough to get you through and if you need to make some changes you can. If your repeat order day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be dispatched Monday morning.

I care about the planet; how can I recycle the packaging?

We care too and are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon pawprint! The carton is fully recyclable in your usual kerbside recycling bin and the PawPacks are made from eco-friendly recyclable plastic that can be returned to any local store that has a plastic recycling station.