Did someone say, 50% off a box of premium, Australian made kibble to celebrate Father's Day!?

To celebrate Father's Day this year, we're offering 50% off your first box of Fetched PawPacks when you sign up for a Fetched subscription!

Simply click the link below to claim your discount code!

*New customers only. Limited to one code use per customer and address
**Fetched reserves the right to deny orders that contradict the spirit of this discount promotion

So, how does it work?


Tell us a little bit about your pooch

Our furbabies' individual needs are unique.
That's why we designed the Fetched quiz; to capture the essential information about your pooch, so we can deliver an optimised meal plan specific to their needs.


Use the code!

Sign up for a Fetched subscription and use the following code at checkout;



It arrives at your doorstep, like clockwork

And that's that! We'll send you your first box at 50% off! After that, the boxes will arrive at your door step like clockwork, so you'll NEVER run out of kibble again.
Cancel, pause or skip at any time!


The PawPack

Daily pawtioned packs of the highest quality signature Fetched kibble. Grain free with Roo & lamb. No oxidization, no loss of freshness. Say goodbye to big bags.
The age of the PawPack is here.

Customer Reviews

Owning two extremely active Huskies makes it very important to give them a balanced diet.
I have found that this product does this.
They love it !!
One of my huskies is extremely fussy, we have tried countless brands of kibble, Fetch has won her taste buds

Donna  - 4 JUL 2020

Excellent customer service.
Quick delivery and amazing quality.
Keep up the good work guys!!!

Georgia  - 28 JUL 2020

My dogs, Migaloo and Argo absolutely love Fetched!! Fetched was also super handy to take on our camping trip this weekend. Instead of grabbing a plastic bag full of biscuits, we took a few packets of fetched. So convenient and the dogs ate every last biscuit!

Migaloo & Argo  - 29 JUN 2020